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 20.12.2010 New Tweets

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Se7en's Love
Se7en's Love

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MesajSubiect: 20.12.2010 New Tweets   20.12.2010 New Tweets Icon_minitimeMier Dec 22, 2010 3:42 am

(1) misskahi: 今日は 3時はんからしことスタト…ああああ…おなかが ぺこぺこ。( ̄^ ̄)ゞ今日もがんばります!!하하하하~!!

(sorry dont know what it means except ‘Today at 3 oclock’ and ‘ha ha ha ha’ at the end)

officialse7en: @misskahi がんばれ!!!!!!^^

(2) raina57: @officialse7en 헉…놀랬어요^^; 감사합니다~ 항상 응원하고 있어요!추운데 감기조심하시구 다음에 또뵈요~ㅎㅎ

Translation: Heuk.. shocked me^^ Thank you~ I’m always cheering you on!! It’s cold so be careful not to catch a cold~ see you next time~ hehe

officialse7en: @raina57 하^^ 앺터스쿨도 모두 힘내요!!! Good luck!!!

Translation: Ha^^ After school everyone gather strength! Good luck!!

(3) iggiegun: 올만의 푸욱 쉬는 주말-!!! 축구하구 돌아와서 즐기는 스파르타쿠스-역시 피자는 헤이븐!!!주말엔 침대에서 피자즐기기. 홈플러스 맥주 5병에 만원!!!야호—ㅋㅋ점점 살이 찌는 난 이유가 있어. http://yfrog.com/h6w2ej

Translation: First time in ages since I’ve had a weekend where I can really rest!! I played soccer and came back~Enjoying Spartacus~Talking about pizza, it must be Haven!!Lying on the bed eating pizza on the weekend. 5 bottles of home plus beer for 10000 won!! Ya hoooo— keke There is a reason why i’m putting on weight

officialse7en: @iggiegun 와우 피자 대박.. 헤이븐?? Is that pizza name???

Translation: Wow~ the pizza is daebak (so cool)… haven?? Is that pizza name?

[LOL Dongwookie hasnt heard of Pizza Haven?]

(4) 대성이는 진정 멋진동생!!!^^ “@YEOLBONG: 빅뱅 대성씨가 열봉을찾아주셨네요. 마침 범벅도드셔보시고 극찬을 해주셨습니다^^ http://twitpic.com/3hej0k”

Translation: Daesung is really a cool dongsaeng!!^^ “@YEOLBONG: Big bang Daesung ssi has come to Yeolbong. He tried the ‘Yeolbong mix’ and gave it lots of praise^^

misskahi: @officialse7en 난 열봉을언제맛보냐고요…. 먹고싶다!!!!!!

Translation: When am I going to get to try Yeolbong… I want to eat it!!

officialse7en: @misskahi call me anytime!!! 망년회 합시다^^

Translation: call me anytime!!Let’s have a year end party^^

(5) @lovelyLYH 윤희야~ 생일 진심으로 축하해^^ 오늘하루 가장 즐거운 하루가 되길바래!!! Hva great day!!!^^

Translation: Yoon hee ya~ I really hope you have a happy birthday^^ I hope today becomes the happiest day!! Hva great day!!^^

(6) Wassup ARAB!!!! احب الفانز العرب !!!!

(7) Wassup turky!!! Merhaba!!!! Seni Sebiyorm~!!! thank u~~

(Cool @evill_angelRan here u go!!!! Dont be jealous!! haha

(9) Vietnam!! Anh yêu em!!! Sweden!! Jag äslka dig!!! Thiland!! Khao Raak Thoe!! Japan!! あいしてる!!! China!! Wo ie ni!! Thank u everyone love yall~

(10) SowKPOPFRANCE: @officialse7en There’s a lot of YG fans in FRANCE ! Say Hi to France !

officialse7en: @SowKPOPFRANCE oh yeah!! france!!!! Tell everybody “Je t'aime” for me!!!

(11) 日本のファンの皆様、 嬉しいニュースがあります。 2011年韓国でSE7ENのファンミーティングが開催されます。 日時:2011年1月28日(金)~30日(日) みなさんと あうことが できて すごく うれしいです!!^^ http://toptour.jp/kai/asia/web_kor/fm_se7en/index.html http://yfrog.com/gz59eijj
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20.12.2010 New Tweets
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